the Heiva of Montreal
Digital Edition 4th

The Digital Heiva returns for a winter edition. It is an international open competition. Join us and be in touch with the whole Ori Tahiti community. You can participate wherever you live, whatever your country is. The Heiva Montreal also offers this experience ... 100 %digital. The experience is just as rich in emotions ! Surprises in this new edition! Stay tuned on our Facebook page !

Heiva Digital
all over the world !

Registration ♂♀
December 15th > February 19th
CDN$ 25   + Taxes  / for 1 category



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Round 1
Trials January 18th > March 6th

The judges rate
the dance technique

Round 2 ★★
Final March 7th > March 13th

The judges rate
the emotional transmission, the “to give and get” attitude of the dancers.

Air Tahiti Nui offers
a special award for the best décor. The judges rate the décor of the video of all finalists.

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Ori Tahiti

Solists Competition
Tane & Vahine

Winter 2021 : the digital Heiva offers again a competition of choreographed solos. Send your video and respect the shooting instructions! .

We improve the competition !
Registration is easier
Regulation is clarified, you must read it
Contact with the public is enhanced to accommodate dancers' wishes.
The public's share of the vote is reduced to 10% of your final score.
Likes count for 2%.
Number of shares counts for 5%
Time you spend watching your video counts for 3%
Disabling comments on YouTube
New : Special prize for the best decor

The Categories

"ENJOY" Category

This category is offered to dancer that are still beginners. However, the judges can re-qualify a soloist to the challenges category if felt necessary.

Even if you’re thinking that you’re not ready, but feel tempted, please do not hold back ! This category exists to encourage dancers to overcome their apprehensions.

"CHALLENGE" Category

This category is offered to experimented experienced dancers.

You can enter this category attend even if you already have won a prize in a competition and you feel not ready for championship category

Americas Championship

This is the main category.

To participate, you must have been a winner in another competition. You must have won 1st, second or third place at Heiva of Montreal or in another competition anywhere else in the world. Please indicate witch competition upon entry. Dancers as to dance with a theme and make this theme understandable for all.


This category is unique to Heiva of Montreal.
The dancers are free to mix any dance techniques with Ori Tahiti, except belly dance steps. The purpose of this categoryis to highlight Tahitian dance techniques when it is associated with other dance techniques in the same choreography

All categories respect the rules and the course of the competition.

1 Plane Ticket
for each winner !
only airport taxes are to be paid by the passenger

Our proud partner Air Tahiti Nui gives a round trip ticket from one of its stopovers to each of winner of the final round. (Papeete, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Auckland, Paris)


from Jan 21th > March 17th 2021

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Open Competition, Open Competition


the 4rd Heiva Montreal
the Festival ON LINE
・ Vote with the jury ・
January 21th > March 17th 2021

Winners 2020
Heiva Digital

Awards · 2020
Final Ceremony
at fare Ylang Ylang · Punaauia
with TNTV · Tahiti

1st PRIZE · 2020
Exellence category tane
Heival Digital
Diego Aleman · Mexico

2nd PRIZE Pablo Ruiz Lopez・Mexico
3rd PRIZE Antonio Misael・Mexico ▶ see more

1st PRIZE · 2020
Exellence category vahine
Heival Digital
Isabel Perez · Mexico

2nd PRIZE Reia Utia · Tahiti
3rd PRIZE Brenda Montserrat・Mexico ▶ see more

Winners 2018

TEASER · 2018
Heiva Montreal
America Champion Ship
Quebec · Montreal

1st PRIZE · 2018
America Championship
Championnat des Amériques
Anthony Haumanav Aiu

2nd PRIZE Tylon Buendia
3rd PRIZE Eli Tiguelo ▶ see more

1st PRIZE · 2018
Categorie "Enjoy"
Open Competition
Yari Cortez ·Mexico

2nd PRIZE Lisette martin
3rd PRIZE Patricia Morales ▶ see more

Winners 2017

TEASER · 2017
Heiva Montreal
America Champion Ship
Quebec · Montreal

1st PRIZE · 2017
Categorie "Excellence"
America Champion Ship
Sydney Lew · San Francisco

2nd PRIZE Jessica Munoz
3rd PRIZE Alexia Dominguez ▶ see more

1st PRIZE · 2017
Categorie "Challenge"
Open Competition
Korail Vernaudon · Montréal

2nd PRIZE Crista Yamasaki
3rd PRIZE Maria Lopez ▶ see more

Ori Tahiti America
Montreal, Quebec, New York, Mexico


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